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When your boiler or furnace is not working properly, turn to Belknap Heating and Cooling Co. Inc. for help. Our trained HVAC contractors will troubleshoot your furnace or boiler, repair the damage right away and have your heating system working like new in no time.

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One of the most important features in your home is your heating system. Winters in Western New York are unpredictable. This unpredictability is reason enough to make sure your heating system is operating properly. Belknap Heating & Cooling, Inc. works to ensure that your home is comfortable all year round, including helping your heating system run efficiently. When you contact us with a problem on your heating system, we dispatch a technician as soon as possible. The goal is to diagnose the problem quickly, figure out the solution, and then provide you with a price for the repair.

Don't Put Off Heating Repairs!
If you notice your heating system is on the fritz, contact us, as soon as possible. Nothing would be worse than getting stuck on a frigid winter night without heat. Don't worry, often, if caught right away the repair will alleviate other issues.

  • Blower Runs Continuously
    Blower issues may indicate a problem with the safety switch, which a professional may need to replace.
  • Electric Ignition or Pilot Control Problem
    Faulty ignition or pilot will cause issues with the system turning on when needed.
  • Ductwork Issues
    Repair leaks and gaps in your ductwork which cause heat to escape.
  • Noisy Furnace
    Furnace making a racket? Loud sounds may indicate a mechanical problem, or other issue.
  • Furnace Won't Heat
    This could be an indication of something wrong with the thermostat, central power, the gas line or the system needing maintenance.
  • Frequent Cycling
    Occurs when your system keeps switching between the on and off modes, and may indicate clogged filters, improper airflow, over sized system or a safety has gone bad.
  • Water noise is Baseboard system
    Some homes use radiators and hot water to heat, these require direct repair when not working properly. They may need to be bled and flushed. This can be a sign of a leak somewhere causing air to get in and not letting you heat a full column of water making your system inefficient and cause possible no heat to areas in the house.

When it comes time to replace your older, worn out furnace with a new, energy-efficient model, Belknap Heating & Cooling carries a range of options to keep you comfortable during the winter months. Our certified heating contractors can install a new, high quality-heating system replacement that suits your needs. For more information on the models offered, call Belknap Heating & Cooling in East Amherst, NY today.


Boilers, though they may seem like an old-fashioned heating solution, have stood the test of time for a reason. Boiler systems are energy-efficient and require minimal maintenance. The boilers of today offer consumers the advantage of lower energy costs and precise comfort control. Call Belknap today for service and dependable boiler installation in East Amherst and Tonawanda, NY.

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To avoid costly repairs and inconvenient breakdowns, you should have your furnace serviced at least once a year. Belknap Heating and Cooling Co. Inc. offers affordable furnace maintenance plans for home and business owners in East Amherst and Tonawanda, NY. Call now to learn how you can get a furnace tuneup for only $69!

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